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8 Dog Breeds Similar to Rottweilers

For many dog enthusiasts, the power, loyalty, and presence of the Rottweiler is unparalleled. However, the canine world offers several breeds with characteristics and appearances reminiscent of our beloved Rotties.

If you’re a Rottweiler lover and looking to get a puppy, you might be curious about other breeds that exude similar traits.

Let’s explore five breeds that look a lot like Rottweilers.

1. Doberman Pinscher

Origin: Originally bred in Germany, like the Rottweiler.

Appearance: Sleek, muscular, and with a powerful build. They typically have a black coat with rust-colored markings, quite similar to Rotties.

Characteristics: Dobermans are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts. They make excellent guard dogs and family pets when socialized properly.

2. Cane Corso

Origin: This breed has its roots in Italy.

Appearance: With a strong, muscular build and a short coat, the Cane Corso often gets mistaken for Rottweilers, especially when in a black coat.

Characteristics: Cane Corsos are protective, loyal, and have a calm demeanor. They’re known for forming strong bonds with their families. Proper training of the energetic Cane Corso puppies ensures that they’re well-behaved and sociable.

3. Bullmastiff

Origin: Developed in England.

Appearance: A sturdy build, short muzzle, and a coat that can range from fawn to reddish-brown, occasionally resembling the Rottweiler’s hues.

Characteristics: Bullmastiffs are courageous, affectionate, and have a natural protective instinct. They’re calm but can spring into action if they sense a threat to their family.

4. German Pinscher

Origin: As the name suggests, they originated in Germany.

Appearance: A medium-sized dog with a sleek appearance. They can have a black and tan coat, which gives them a slight resemblance to Rottweilers.

Characteristics: German Pinschers are energetic, watchful, and have a strong territorial instinct. They require consistent training and socialization from a young age.

5. Boxer

Origin: Yet another breed that traces its roots to Germany.

Appearance: Their build is muscular and robust. While their coat color can vary, their face markings sometimes resemble those of Rottweilers.

Characteristics: Boxers are playful, energetic, and extremely loyal. They are great with children, making them excellent family dogs. Their alertness also makes them suitable as guard dogs.

6. Saint Bernard

Origin: Originating from the Swiss Alps, Saint Bernards were primarily used for rescue missions.

Appearance: A giant dog with a powerful, muscular build. Their coat can be short or long and comes in shades of red with white or mahogany brindle with white. Their face might not directly resemble a Rottweiler, but their robust build is certainly reminiscent.

Characteristics: Saint Bernards are known for their gentle and calm demeanor. They’re incredibly patient, making them fantastic family dogs, especially in households with children. Their protective instinct, combined with their size, can be quite intimidating to strangers.

7. Black Russian Terrier

Origin: Developed in Russia during the late 1940s and early 1950s for use as military/working dogs.

Appearance: Large and powerful, the Black Russian Terrier has a dense double coat, usually black, and sometimes might remind one of a Rottweiler because of their robustness and color.

Characteristics: This breed is known for its courage and confidence. They’re very protective and can be reserved with strangers, but they’re also very loyal and affectionate with their families. Proper training and early socialization are essential to channel their protective instincts positively.

8. Tibetan Mastiff

Origin: Hailing from the mountainous regions of Tibet, this ancient breed was traditionally used to protect livestock from predators like wolves and leopards.

Appearance: Tibetan Mastiffs are large and impressive, with a thick mane of hair around their neck, giving them a lion-like appearance. Their coat can vary in color, but the black and tan variant bears a resemblance to Rottweilers.

Characteristics: Known for their independence and intelligence, Tibetan Mastiffs are also incredibly protective and make excellent guard dogs. Their natural wariness of strangers and territorial instincts mean they require early socialization and consistent training. Despite their imposing stature, they can be very gentle and form deep bonds with their families.


While Rottweilers hold a special place in our hearts, the canine world is rich with breeds that offer similar aesthetics and attributes. Whether you’re looking to add another dog to your family or are simply curious, it’s fascinating to explore breeds that share a kinship with Rottweilers. Always remember, no matter the breed, every dog is unique and deserves love, care, and understanding.